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The law of the jungle is “eat or be eaten”.

The law of politics is “define or be defined.”

Watch and help me air my latest ad to tell voters who I am.

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The Left is working hard to define me as a “racist”, a “conspiracy theorist” and the standard, “right wing nutjob.”

Several weeks ago, a founder of the traitorous Lincoln Project called me “wildly immoral and crazier than a latrine rat.”

That’s the modus operandi of the Left: smear, smear, smear.

And they work hard to make the smears so offensive that an average voter who would have never heard of me before would be left with an incredibly negative first impression.

I hope you can understand how important it is that I reach as many voters FIRST and tell them who I am, and what I stand for before the Left infects them with lies.

If you haven’t already, please watch my ad and help me get it in front of voters as soon as possible.

For every $25 you donate, I can reach 1,000 voters in my district.

So please, donate as much as you can and help me get to Congress.

Thanks so much for all that you do.


Laura Loomer