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Stand With Laura Loomer

    to go until the Florida GOP Primary on August 23, 2022 and we unseat “Do Nothing” Dan Webster!

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    ✓ Rebuild Our Economy and Lower Inflation
    ✓ Restore Election Integrity and Fight Voter Fraud
    ✓ Stop Big Tech’s Suppression Of Free Speech
    ✓ Fighting to Protect the 2nd Amendment
    ✓ Proudly Pro-Life
    ✓ Fighting Against Medical Tyranny and Unconstitutional Vaccine and Mask Mandates
    ✓ End the tax on Social Security
    ✓ Restore America’s Energy Independence
    ✓ End Illegal Immigration and Secure Our Borders with an Immediate Immigration Moratorium
    ✓ Support Our Veterans and Police
    ✓ Protecting Parental Rights
    ✓ Stop Federal Government Overreach
    ✓ Restore Law and Order
    ✓ Clean Water Advocate
    ✓ Tax Stipends For Parents Who HomeSchool
    ✓ Pro School Choice
    ✓ Strong Support of President Trump
    ✓ Stand with Our Ally Israel

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    Laura Loomer’s Congressional District, FL-11, will become THE defining battleground race for the 2022 Mid-term Elections.

    Help Laura Loomer WIN her election so she can go to Washington DC where she will fight for YOU, your family, and America!

    To contribute by mail, please send a personal check made payable to “Laura Loomer for Congress Inc” to:

    Laura Loomer for Congress Inc
    PO Box 1038
    Lady Lake, FL 32159
    Please include your full name, address, email address, occupation, and employer in the envelope.

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    Laura Loomer

    Laura Loomer

    Laura began her career working as an undercover journalist for Project Veritas…

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    Event Calendar

    Event Calendar

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    Register to Vote

    Register to Vote

    Remember, you must be a registered Republican to vote for Laura Loomer in the Republican Primary.



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    Donate with BitCoin

    Donate with BitCoin

    Campaign finance rules permit donations with BitCoin!  Unfortunately, other crypto-currency is not yet authorized by the FEC.  Full address information, employer and occupation must accompany each donation.

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