Biden’s attack on Christians MUST END

Do you think the Biden Regime’s push for inclusiveness includes Christians?

I can tell you right now, Biden and his lackeys in Congress are doing all they can to silence and even MOCK Christians.

Earlier this year, the IRS denied the non-profit application of a group called Christians Engaged because the “experts” at the tax-collecting agency concluded that the “Bible’s teachings are typically affiliated with the Republican party and candidates.”

After a national uproar, the decision was overturned – but that was just the start of the Biden Regime’s attack on Christians.

Last week, an anti-Christian, LGBT activist, Brenda “Sue” Fulton, was nominated to oversee our military’s chaplains.

Sue Fulton is on record tweeting about Republicans and Christians calling them, “right-wing anti-everyone nutjobs falling in love with a dictatorship.”



But wait, that’s not all.

Fulton has stated her contempt for Christian chaplains saying that they “give up some of their rights as ministers when they become military chaplains” and that “the vast majority of white evangelical leaders are utterly unmoored from the gospel of Jesus Christ.”

Fulton, who has made a career out of trolling the Christian right and trying her best to destroy institutions like West Point, is now in charge of religious affairs for the United States Military.

And the attacks will keep on coming if we fail to take back Congress next year!



Historically, Christians are the most persecuted people in the world and that will continue – even here in America – if we don’t fight back against Joe Biden’s Jihad against the Christian Right.

I’ve spent my career fighting to protect our institutions and Judeo/Christian values from hateful people like Sue Fulton, and I need your help so I can continue the fight as a member of Congress.

The Mid-Term Elections are coming up fast – and the Biden Regime is in a rush to do everything they can to jam-pack our government with Leftists like Fulton.



You’ll need watchdogs like me who will help stop the next Leftist activist takeover while keeping a close eye on the thousands of Biden Appointees who are already working from within to destroy our Republic.

If you haven’t already done so today, please donate to support my campaign and help me keep fighting for our values.


Laura Loomer