We did it!!

The FEC reports just came out for the last quarter and we were able to outraise my opponent, five-term incumbent Daniel Webster by 69%!!

Thanks to you and thousands of other patriots, we crushed it!

But this is no time to let up! With the reports coming out, the Republican AND Democrat Establishments are freaking out and you know they’re going to pull out all the stops to make sure I don’t unseat Webster and make it to Congress.

Will you donate right now?

This is OUR shot to wake the GOP up and make it known that we won’t stand for Republicans who do nothing but make excuses and miss votes!

It’s OUR opportunity to take the fight to the Democrats and stop the rapid slide into communism that we’re seeing right now!

That’s why I need to know that you’re all in with me. Donate now to help the momentum build so we can win this!

We didn’t just outraise Webster, we made him struggle!

Webster brought in just $63k for the quarter, but he spent $53k! Without PAC donations from Exxon, Big Sugar, wealthy Aircraft owners and FedEx (yeah, even FedEx donated to him), Webster’s campaign would have been in the red!

Do-Nothing Dan’s campaign POURED money into fundraising and took a loss on it!

My fundraising experts tell me that it’s clear as day that Webster has no grassroots support AT ALL, and he certainly doesn’t have you!

And if he’s LOOSING money trying to raise money right now, then there is no way he’ll be able to catch up with us . . . as long as we don’t give up!

Are you in?

Donate now, and let’s SHOCK the Good Ol’ Boy Republican Establishment that’s scared to death of me . . . and let’s watch Pelosi, AOC, Ilhan and the rest of the “Squad” shake in their heels as I get sworn in!

Thanks again for all that you do. THANK YOU!!


Laura Loomer