Republican Congressional Candidate Blasts Twitter’s New “Loomer Policy” for Verifying Political Candidates


August 8, 2019

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Republican Congressional Candidate Blasts Twitter’s New “Loomer Policy” for Verifying Political Candidates

PALM BEACH, FL – Republican congressional candidate Laura Loomer blasted Twitter for changing their verification policy just hours after she announced her candidacy for Congress calling Twitter’s new “Laura Loomer Policy” a “license for trolls to interfere in U.S. elections by making fake accounts about candidates for office.”

Loomer, who announced her candidacy to much fanfare last week, was trending number one on Twitter despite being banned from the social media site.

The congressional seat is currently held by Democrat Lois Frankel, a staunch obstructionist and critic of President Donald J. Trump, and a close friend and ally of Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

“Twitter is literally giving foreign governments, radical activists, and campaign dirty tricksters a license to steal legitimate candidates’ identities,” said Loomer.  “What is big tech so scared of?”

Loomer pointed to big tech’s censorship of Senator McConnell’s campaign, President Trump and countless other conservative causes as a “threat to our democracy by limiting our first amendment.”

Loomer also noted that while Twitter continues to censor conservatives, the tech giant refuses to use its resources to curb violence from the left.

Tech titans’ censorship combined with the political violence incited and sustained by far-left politicians like Ilhan Omar and Maxine Waters, and carried out by Antifa, makes it clear that Republicans are under attack. I will support my Republican colleagues in passing legislation that criminalizes this behavior.”

Loomer is a pro-America, Jewish conservative with a strong history of supporting President Trump and Jewish causes both here in America, and abroad. As a well-known conservative journalist, Loomer frequently travels to Israel.  Loomer decided to run for Congress after being banned from nearly every social media platform for her support of President Trump, and her damning investigative exposés. She reached out to her representative Lois Frankel who offered her no help despite claiming to be a First Amendment supporter.

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