August 15, 2019


Republican Candidate for Congress, Who Was Kicked Off Twitter for Criticizing Rep. Ilhan Omar as Anti-Semitic, Says She was Vindicated Today by Israel’s Decision to Bar the Congresswoman from Entering the Country  

PALM BEACH, FL – Republican congressional candidate Laura Loomer, who was permanently banned from Twitter for criticizing Rep. Ilhan Omar as anti-semitic, hailed Israel’s decision to bar the congresswoman from entering the country today as “complete and total vindication” that she never violated Twitter’s policy.

Loomer has repeatedly maintained that she never violated Twitter’s policy but rather made factual comments about Omar and her political positions.

In November 2018, Loomer was quoted as saying, “Everything I said is 100 percent true and factual. It’s not malicious, it’s not mean, it’s not hateful.” (NBC News)

“I stand in lockstep with President Trump and the state of Israel in their opposition to allowing anti-Jewish members of Congress from visiting the country so long that they refuse to reject Hamas and continue to support the BDS movement,” said Loomer, a pro-America, Jewish candidate for Congress who has a long history of standing with Israel.

Following Israel’s decision, President Trump weighed in on the controversy on Twitter, stating that Omar “hate[s] Israel & all Jewish people”.

Loomer also noted that media reports have suggested that top democrats in Congress have lobbied Israel to let Rep. Omar enter the country and called on Lois Frankel to disclose whether she advocated on Omar’s behalf.

There are reports that top democrats in Congress have been lobbying Israel on behalf of representative Omar,” Loomer said.  “Voters deserve to know if my opponent, the Chairman of the Women’s Democratic Caucus, was one of those top democrats.”

Loomer is a pro-America, Jewish conservative with a strong history of supporting President Trump and Jewish causes both here in America, and abroad. As a well-known conservative journalist, Loomer frequently travels to Israel.  Loomer decided to run for Congress after being banned from nearly every social media platform for her support of President Trump, and her damning investigative exposés. She reached out to her representative Lois Frankel who offered her no help despite claiming to be a First Amendment supporter.

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