October 15, 2019 [email protected]

PALM BEACH, FL—The campaign for conservative Republican and investigative journalist Laura
Loomer today announced its first fundraising haul since entering the congressional race for
Florida’s 21st district.

The campaign will report raising over $154,000 in just 60 days of fundraising in the Q3 report.
Financial support for Laura Loomer came from 2,314 donors across all 50 states with Florida
being the top contributing state. The average contribution was $66.

By comparison, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) raised $59,000 in her first combined two
quarters as a political newcomer. Many pundits and political observers consider Laura Loomer
as the Republican Party’s counterbalance because of her willingness to take on the radical left.
Additionally, her opponent, incumbent Congresswoman Lois Frankel only raised $107,000. One
of Loomer’s GOP rivals of the five candidates in the FL-21 field only raised about $20,000,
meaning as a political newcomer, Loomer out-raised all of her GOP and incumbent Democrat
opponents COMBINED. Loomer accomplished this while being banned on every social media
platform. All of her opponents, both Republican and Democrat had access to social media while
fundraising for their campaigns. Clearly Loomer’s FEC report proves that she is a viable
candidate, and her social media bans must be lifted immediately.

“I’m humbled at the outpouring of support for my campaign,” said Loomer. “Despite the radical
left, big tech tyrants and the fake-news media doing everything they can to hinder my
campaign, this early showing puts career politician Lois Frankel and the do-nothing-Democrats
in congress on notice that no seat is safe and that I’m running to win. I look forward to
continuing to travel the district and learning the concerns of the voters.”

The congressional seat is currently held by Democrat Lois Frankel, a staunch obstructionist and
critic of President Trump, and a close friend and ally of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.
Despite chairing the Democrat Congressional Women’s Caucus, Frankel has refused to
denounce freshman Democrat Reps. Ilhan Omar, AOC and Rashida Tlaib (The Squad) for their

Karen Giorno, Trump’s 2016 Florida State Director and chief strategist for the Loomer campaign
commented on the impressive haul for the first time candidate, “Laura is proving that she is a
serious candidate and committed to flipping this seat and building the resources necessary to
expose just how out of touch with the district Lois Frankel has become. I believe this will be one
of the most watched congressional races for 2020 and will be a bellwether for regaining the

Laura Loomer is a pro-America, Jewish conservative with a strong history of supporting
President Trump and Jewish causes both here in America and abroad. She is well-known for her
fight against big-tech censorship of conservatives and her investigations into the weaponization
of social media platforms by far-left Democrat mega-donors.