Congressional Candidate Laura Loomer Thanks President Trump for Clemency of Roger Stone

(Palm Beach, Florida)  Republican Congressional candidate Laura Loomer who is running for Congress in Florida’s 21st Congressional District, home to President and Mrs. Trump, offers her gratitude to President Trump for granting clemency to Russia Hoax victim, Roger Stone.

Laura Loomer said, “I was elated to be by Mr. Stone’s side when he received the call from President Trump.  Democrats engaged in a $32 million-dollar witch hunt against our President and when their narrative of Russian collusion failed, they set aim to take down one of the most effective political strategists in America.  Roger Stone was wronged and now he has the ability to prove his innocence while avoiding prison.”

Karen Giorno, the chief strategist for Laura Loomer For Congress said, “Roger Stone’s clemency draws a line in the sand against Democrat’s abuse of the justice system.  President Trump gave Mr. Stone the ability to fight back against an unjust prosecution while maintaining his freedom and the ability to provide for his family.  It was a compassionate decision and we thank President Trump for his bold action. ”

Loomer added, “The Democrats’ reckless motives were on full display during their taxpayer-funded witch hunt.  As America needed leadership from Congress, they set out on a vindictive spree to take down President Trump and anyone connected with him.  Voters will remember the names of pro-Impeachment Democrats in November, including my opponent Lois Frankel.”

Laura Loomer is leading the race in Florida’s 21st Congressional District and has outraised all candidates in the race for the last three reporting quarters, combined.