(Palm Beach, Florida)  Republican Congressional candidate Laura Loomer is calling for House Democrats to end their campaign to delegitimize President Trump and embolden terrorist regimes.

Democrats have attacked President Trump’s legal use of force in Iraq that killed Iranian military leader of Qud, Qasem Soleimani.   Soleimani is the number one terrorist in the world and is responsible for over 500 deaths of American military men and women.  

Intelligence sources cite Soleimani as the organizer of the attack on our embassy in Benghazi and he devised and oversaw the bounty program in Afghanistan that paid $1,000 rewards for killing American soldiers.

Before being eliminated under the order of President Trump, Soleimani was the most dreaded and brutal terrorist alive. 

Loomer stated, “Congress authorized use of military force against Iraq in 2002.  Soleimani was an Iranian terrorist on Iraqi soil, plotting the deaths of more Americans.  Regardless of Congressional authorization, the President of the United States has a sworn duty, as Commander in Chief, to protect American lives and interests, both domestic and abroad.”

Congressional Democrats including Reps Ilhan Omar and Lois Frankel have sided with terrorist regime Iran, stating the use of American force in Iraq required Congressional authorization.  They deliberately fail to recall that authorization had been granted by Congress in 2002.

Frankel represents President and Mrs. Trump and the other residents in Florida’s 21st Congressional District.  Laura Loomer is running as a Republican to unseat Frankel.

Loomer continued, “Along with other Democrats, Frankel and Omar’s actions to delegitimize President Trump have taken a dangerous turn as they are now siding with terrorists out of their hatred for our President.”

General Consultant for Laura Loomer for Congress, Karen Giorno added, “Democrats in Congress are doing nothing short of instigating war with Iran by projecting false weakness and division in their continued attempts to delegitimize our President.  The old adage, ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend’ applies to Democrats without regard to national security.”

Giorno added, “By attempting to delegitimize our President, Lois Frankel and Ilhan Omar are inviting Iran to attack.  It’s treasonously appalling.”