(PALM BEACH, FLORIDA)  Last Friday, Republican Congressional Candidate Laura Loomer hand-delivered a letter to her Democrat opponent, Congresswoman Lois Frankel, to “set aside partisan differences in order to serve the people of Florida’s 21st Congressional District as well as Americans across the nation during the Coronavirus Pandemic.”

As the Coronavirus makes its way around the nation, tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of Americans remain intentionally banned on social media due to their political or religious beliefs.

Laura Loomer stated, “While government officials, agencies, and healthcare experts are posting updates and life-saving information – including access to food – on social media.  Twitter and Facebook are still denying certain Americans access to this information out of pure political bias.  While Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg are obsessed with ‘community standards and conversational health’ as outlined in their ever changing ‘terms of service’, they are isolating and endangering segments of our population from critical and time sensitive information that will literally save lives and prevent the spread of this virus.”

General Consultant to Laura Loomer for Congress, Karen Giorno stated, “While Americans around the nation are bartering for essential food and supplies, including baby formula and toilet paper on the Facebook marketplace, we can’t ignore that a large part of our citizenry is being shut out of the vital community connection that is taking place on social media, the new digital public square. It’s shamefully irresponsible and unacceptable during this global emergency.

Loomer continued, “As the most banned woman in the world, I know what thousands of other Americans are experiencing.  They are in the dark and have to rely on delayed and often incomplete reports about what’s going on in their own community. They are being denied equal access to information, online payment processors, and food delivery services that are being offered by big tech to Americans who have not been banned and are currently living life under quarantine and mandated social distancing. The banning of conservatives by Big Tech must stop and immediately be reversed during the Coronavirus pandemic.”

Rep. Frankel refused to respond to Loomer’s request for cooperation pressuring Big Tech to lift the bans during the Coronavirus pandemic. In fact, her office staff crumpled up the letter upon receiving it and demanded that Loomer’s deputy campaign manager leave the office. 

In response, Frankel announced a tele-townhall on the Coronavirus threat on her Twitter and Facebook accounts – where individuals banned by Big Tech can’t see her announcement.

To view the letter sent to Lois Frankel, click here.

Laura Loomer is leading the race for Florida’s 21st Congressional District and has outraised all other candidates in the race, combined, including Rep. Frankel, for the last two reporting periods.  Loomer was also the first campaign in the nation to modify election activities to lessen the spread of COVID-19.